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Get fee discounts and earn rebates through the Narwhal referral program
The Narwal Referral system was designed to incentivize new and existing users to help drive the community and is essential to the overall growth of Narwhal Finance. Traders are entitled to up to a 20% lifetime discount, while referrers receive up to a 20% lifetime rebate, paid out in USDT.

How it works

When a user clicks on your link, your referral address will be stored with that user’s account forever. Moving forward, all trades on their account will receive a discount, while you earn rebates from their trading fees.
Users can participate in the program by following these simple steps:
  1. 1.
    Visit the Referral Page on Narwhal Finance and connect your MetaMask wallet
  2. 2.
    Click (button label) to sign up as a referrer
  3. 3.
    Once created, click the copy icon next to your address to add it to your clipboard to share it with others!
Pro tip: Make sure to maximize your reach and share your referral link to social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, etc., by utilizing the social media sharing options!
For further information on how we fairly reward our community for their efforts in growing the platform, please see the tier list in the table below.

Referral Tiers

Anyone can sign up as a tier 1 referrer. To apply to be a tier 2 referrer, you have to submit an application form with information containing your follower base.
Discount for referee
Rebate to referrer
Tier 1
Tier 2
By whitelist