Escrowed NAR

Escrowed NAR (esNAR) is paid as emissions to staked NAR and NLP holders. esNAR can be used in two ways:

  • Staked for rewards same as normal NAR

  • Vested to become normal NAR tokens over a period of 1 year

Vesting esNAR would require the amount of NAR used to earn esNAR to be locked for a year. For example, if a user earns 10 esNAR through staking 100 NAR, 100 NAR would be required to be locked to vest 10 esNAR. Similarly, if a user decides to vest 5 esNAR, only 50 NAR is required to be locked. Locked NAR counts as staked NAR, and will continue to accrue rewards normally. Vesting occurs linearly.

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