Narwhal’s innovative protocol design allows trading of synthetic crypto and forex pairs with leverage.


Users can currently trade crypto, forex and stock with leverage between 10x-100x

Please see the Pairs list page for a complete list of available pairs.

Market Times

Much like stocks, forex markets are spread across 4 different markets and effectively place certain time limitations on trading. Please see the schedule below for forex trading times. All trading times are in the UTC timezone.

Markets will also be affected by the holidays as follows:

  • December 25th - 27th

  • January 1st - 2nd


As the price of forex pairs is susceptible to change outside of market hours, gaps can occur, where the market opens at a different price than it closed.

Therefore, stop losses cannot be guaranteed, and traders should be cautious when keeping a position open while markets are closed. A significant gap in the opposite direction could force it to be liquidated once the market opens​. At the same time, there is a chance that the gap could work in the other direction and leave you with a significant gain instead.

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