Claiming Rewards

When rewards have accrued in staking, farming, or vesting, they will be shown in their individual tabs, and clicking "claim" will allow you to claim rewards for a specific staking position,

For NAR staking, all rewards accrued from NAR/esNAR staking are aggregated on the bottom left tab. Two options for rewards claiming will be available:

  1. Compound: This option allows you to stake your pending esNAR and USDT rewards, which will increase the rewards you receive. It is a great option if you wish to maximize your rewards over time.

  2. Claim: This option transfers any pending esNAR and USDT rewards directly to your wallet.

If you choose the Compound option for your esNAR tokens, you have the ability to unstake them for vesting at a later time. This provides you with greater flexibility and control over your rewards.

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