Opening trades

  • Go to and enter the app

  • Connect your wallet on the front end in the top right corner, and ensure that you are on the right network, BNB Chain or Arbitrum.

  • If this is your first trade, you will first need to approve the contract to be able to use the USDT in your wallet. Press approve and submit your transaction.

  • Search for the pair you want to trade by searching and selecting it on the left sidebar. You can add a pair to your favorites by starring the icon. You can view the parameters for each trading pair in the pair list section.

  • Select your trade parameters:

    1. Trade and order type: whether it is long (buy) or short (sell):

      1. Market - an order that will open a trade immediately, based on the current market price returned by the oracle (+ spread)

      2. Limit - an order executing a trade at a specified price (lower than the current price if long, higher than the current price if short). The order will be executed when the market price reaches the specified limit price (+ spread)

      3. Stop limit - an order that includes two conditions: a stop price and a limit price. A limit order will be placed at the limit price once the market price reaches the stop price.

    2. Collateral: the maximum amount you are risking if you are liquidated. Your position size will be collateral x leverage. Your position size must be above the minimum (1500 USDT); this can be done with any amount of collateral, e.g., 100 USDT collateral at 15x leverage or 1000 USDT collateral at 1.5x leverage.

    3. Leverage: a multiplier that increases your exposure to the underlying asset

    4. Max slippage (for market order): If you are using a market order, the actual execution price may differ from the currently displayed market price due to price movements between the time of your trade submission and when your order is confirmed on the blockchain. If you set your max slippage as 1% and the market moves 1.5% between your order time and execution confirmation, your order will be canceled automatically.

    5. Optional - stop loss/take profit:

      1. Stop loss is a stop order that will automatically trigger when prices reach a specific level to prevent you from losing more than that amount and protection from liquidation. If no stop loss is set, you risk being liquidated if your trade is at <= -90% PnL.

      2. Take profit is an order automatically closing your position when the price reaches your specified level. The platform’s PnL is capped at 900%, which means a take profit order will be automatically submitted for you at 900% PnL

  • You can then click the order execution button, either confirming your long or short order, which will prompt a confirmation in your web3 wallet. After a transaction is submitted, you will see several confirmations required for it to display. Once 2 blocks have passed, it is displayed in the section named “open trades” in the front end below.

    1. Order Initiated: When your request to execute an order reaches the network.

    2. Executed: Your trade is executed when the Pyth oracle returns the current price.

Pending Orders

Limit orders when opened in cases where the maximum open interest or net open interest has been reached will be queued in the system and executed when both open interest limit and price conditions have been met.

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