esNAR Vesting

Escrowed NAR (esNAR) tokens can be converted into NAR tokens through a vesting process. The process involves reserving a proportionate amount of NAR or NLP tokens that were used to earn the esNAR rewards.

For instance, if an individual staked 1,000 NAR and received 100 esNAR tokens as rewards, to vest 100 esNAR tokens, 1,000 NAR tokens will be reserved. To vest 50 esNAR tokens, 500 NAR tokens will be reserved. It's important to note that the actual ratio will vary based on the average staked amount and rewards earned for a particular account.

During the vesting process, esNAR tokens that have been unstaked and deposited for vesting WILL NOT earn additional rewards, however, staked NAR or NLP tokens reserved for vesting will continue to earn rewards.

Once initiated, the esNAR tokens will be converted into NAR tokens gradually over the course of 365 days and the converted tokens can be claimed at any time. In case an individual lacks sufficient NAR or NLP balance to initiate vesting, they will need to re-purchase the required tokens.

Adding tokens to the vesting vault while a current vesting process is ongoing is possible. Tokens reserved for vesting cannot be unstaked or sold. To unreserve the tokens, an individual can simply use the "Withdraw" button on the vesting dashboard.

Please note that partial withdrawals are not supported, hence withdrawing will result in unreserving all tokens and pausing the vesting process. All esNAR tokens that have been converted into NAR will remain as NAR tokens.

Vesting esNAR can be done in the "conversion" section of the NAR Staking page. You will be prompted to enter the amount of esNAR to vest, and after depositing and confirming the transaction, your vesting status will be shown in the "vesting status" section, and your amount of NAR/NLP reserved for this vesting will also be shown.

To pause vesting, switch to the withdraw tab. Please not that pausing vesting will reset the timer on remaining unvested esNAR and unreserve all tokens previously reserved for vesting.

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